Hello, my name is Pat Lock. For the past 25 years, I've been teaching cake decorating, sugarcraft and patisserie, both in Adult Education and private schools. We all know that cake decorating can become something of an obsession - mainly, I think, because it involves so may interesting and absorbing skills. And so it became with me.

After winning awards at the prestigious international competition at Hotel Olympia, I went on to write two books on cake decorating, one of which was published by Marks and Spencer.

Over the years many decorators have asked questions connected with cake decorating. And it was to help those struggling with queries that this website was produced. So find the answer to your problems here. With over 1,000 hints in an easy-to use A - Z format, you'll discover a variety of cake decorating techniques, which will help give your work a professional finish.

Everyone can learn the techniques and skills of decorating cakes. After that, two useful assets are needed: practice and patience!


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